Alochroming (also known as ‘alodining’ or ‘chromating’) is a chemical process that provides a corrosion-resistant protective coating for aluminium and its alloys.  It also acts as a primer for painted aluminium.

Although pure aluminium oxidises with air to form its own protective coating, untreated aluminium alloys have minimal protection against corrosion.

When used in conjunction with anodising, alochroming aluminium creates a protective coating that doubles the metal’s resistance to salt water (compared to anodising alone).  Alochromed parts also become hydrophobic as they age, providing excellent protection against water or other moisture.

Alochromed parts retain the majority of their electrical conductivity.  The process adds no component weight and does not alter pre-process dimensions.

In addition to providing corrosion resistant protection, an alochrom film also repairs itself when scratched, and marks such as fingerprints can simply be wiped away.

The main benefits of Alochrom coating for aluminium are:

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Moisture resistance
  • A primer key for paint
  • Low electrical resistance
  • Scratch repellent surface

We offer Alochrom in two varieties:

  • Alochrom 1000 - Alochrom 1000 adds a transparent coating to the surface
  • Alochrom 1200 - Alochrom 1200 adds a gold iridescent coating to the surface

    Surtec 650 (Trivalent)

    Iridite (N.C.P.)